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Activities for Young Children

These preschool activities are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face, and provide them with wonderful learning opportunities at the same time.

Explore the wildlife

How about exploring the wildlife you find in your garden? Can you see any birds or spiders or even worms? And why is it important that these creatures use our gardens? Our  idea if you have older children to entertain is to put out some bird feed and see what birds you spot. You could even get the children to take photos of any bird they see. With your help they could then do research on the birds they have seen.

The Dress Up Relay

You Will Need:

  • Two suitcases or boxes.
  • Different types of dress up clothes, such as capes, scarves, hats, jackets, wigs, boots, pants, skirts, gowns and so on.

How To:

  • Make sure that you add the same number of clothing or dress up items in each box or suitcase.
  • The clothes should be of a comfortable size so that all the kids can wear them comfortably and without having to make too much effort.
  • Once you have filled the boxes or suitcases with the clothes and items, place them at one end of the room.
  • Break up the kids into two groups with an equal number of kids in each group.
  • In case there is one extra kid, let one kid from the other team take a double turn to make up for the extra player on the other team.
  • Now ask all the kids to go to the other end of the room and make a single line for each team.
  • One person has to take on the role of the caller, who will tell the players when to start and what to do. Once the caller shouts ‘Go’ the first players from each team, have to run to the other end of the room. They will then have to open the suitcase or box and try and put on all the clothes and items from that particular box. The player has to make sure that all the buttons, zippers, ribbons and such of each clothing or item is properly worn. The players will have to wear these clothes over the clothes that they are already wearing.
  • Once everything is properly worn, the two players will have to remove all the clothes and items till they reach their clothes.
  • Once they have taken off the clothes and items that they took from the suitcase or box, they will have to put it all back inside and close the lid. The players will then have to run back to their team and give a hand tag to the next player in line.
  • The second players of both the teams will then run towards the box or suitcase, open it and wear all the clothes and items that are inside, only to take them all off again. All the players of both the teams will have to repeat the same steps till each member of the team has worn all the clothes and items and taken them off.
  • The team that completes the task first will be the winner. Your little one will love this children’s day activity.

Do a project together

Young children love to create things and make things by hand. Why not do it together?  The bonding that comes along with it is powerful and your little ones will have so much fun! Dads put a model plane together with their sons. Moms put together a scrapbook with their daughters. Better yet plant new things in your garden with your children. The appreciation your children will have will last forever.

Time Capsules

Ask each child to bring along a container with a lid. Explain to them that this is their ‘time capsule’. Encourage them to fill the container with personal items such as a picture of themselves, a drawing, something they’ve made, etc, with a special emphasis on things they like, what they like doing with their family, etc. Replace the lids and get them to decorate paper to cover the container so that it is ‘sealed’. Ask the child’s parents to hide the time capsule away and save it up to open on Children’s Day the following year or store them at your school.

Find out how other countries celebrate Children's Day

How do other countries celebrate Children’s Day? If you have experienced Children’s Day in another country we would love to hear about it. Contact us and tell us about your experience.

Pin the tail on the donkey

Click and print off our donkey print off. Students (blindfolded) must then ‘stick’ the tail on the donkey (blue tack is the best for this). The student who gets it closest to where the tail should be wins.